14 August 2009

Pre-London Ramblings

I'm going to London in 9.1 days. Therefore, all of my posts are going to be Euro-fabulous for the next 4 months. Except the 5 weddings, 1 engagement session, 1 art project documentation thingy, and 1 portrait session with my roommate, a.k.a. practically everything I've shot this summer and still haven't posted. Awesome. Why why WHY does my genetic code read G-A-T-Procrastinate!?

So consider this my pre-post post. Because my computer is currently buried beneath my wardrobe and a few miscellaneous items, including bank statements from Feburary 2007 and a shirt decal featuring Sidney Bristow (screen shot from the episode where she rocks fire-engine red hair. Yeah, you know the one). I also found matches for 2 of the 7 lonely socks in my dresser drawer. Holla!

A few final thoughts -- we'll call it a Tara Vignette. (tacky?)

If you're Tara packing for London:

1. You tell yourself you deserve an e-mail check break, but you really spend an hour on Kat Dennings' website. Then you resolve to buy red lipstick, check your bathtub for grasshoppers, and indulge in your weird side every day.

2. You debate whether or not you'll need a swimsuit. After all, London is uber tropical and the student flat you're living in has a jacuzzi. (not).

3. You have a hive on your left pointer finger because your favorite ring is nickel coated with gold paint and you're allergic to nickel and it's so hot in your house that you're sweating buckets, causing the paint to wear off and thus inspire an allergic reaction on your finger. You itch and then decide to move the ring to your middle finger.

4. You're jonesing for mac n' cheese. And someone to make it for you.

5. You're stressed because you still haven't unpacked from your trip to Texas a month ago, so you blast Toto's "Africa" ("la la la something something can't get away from youuu... I bless the rains down in Aaaafrica." Yeah that one.) from your roommate's computer to chill you out.

Off to watch "Love, Actually" and continue the search for sock soulmates. Lovelove.

07 August 2009

"I wish always to be a boy and have fun."

My best friend Sarah goes packing for Australia, and what do I do to fill the void? Skype, skype, skype! Oh, and hang out with her family in the burbs (the webcam does start to feel creepy after awhile.) But seriously, photographing her four kid siblings was one of my favorite shoots ever. We chose to explore a whimsical ex-golf course near their house, and I loved watching how each of the kids opened up differently throughout the shoot. Kids are so fun to photograph because they have fewer inhibitions in front of a camera, which adds such an organic dimension to the photographs. I left the burbs feeling inspired and thoroughly heart-warmed -- not to mention completely psyched to photograph Sarah and the kids all together when she comes home! 120ish days!