23 April 2009

I ♥ Paris

I finally saved enough money to develop and print all of my lomography work from Paris (almost $250... yeesh... but worth it). These are a few of my favorites in black and white.

Boats along the Seine River. This one makes me think of Lexi..

One of my favorite things about Paris is all the carousels. This one is beneath the Tour Eiffel.

The Metro-- motion.crowds.stopping.starting.motion.open door.closed door.uncomprehensible conversations.jump the turnstiles.lost balance.motion.Paris.

Possibly my favorite shot of the trip. The "Wheel of Excellence." Even more excellent was the view from the top...

Tour Eiffel. The heart of the city as seen the day before I left. It was raining.

Good thing I spent all my money on getting these prints... It's the only thing stopping me from hopping the next cheap plane to the City of Love - the city I love.


My cousin Mara has the most amazing playhouse I've ever seen. It's huge, made entirely of wood, has curtains AND a loft area -- the Little Tykes house I had when I was younger has nothing on this one. Below are a couple holga portraits I took of Mara and her playhouse when I was visiting last winter. I can't decide which I like better...

09 April 2009


Over Spring Break my family and I went skiing in Big Sky, MT. Considering I haven't been on a mountain in over 3 years, it was quite the adventure. I even taught my little bro how to snowboard.

But first: finding the perfect pair of boots.

At the end of Day 1:

My dad was a bit more energetic...

... so he sprayed me with a wall of snow. Freezing.

Ski Patrol laughed at us.
(I swear, people in Montana bring their dogs everywhere)

View from the way up:

And from the base:

I think I left part of my heart in the mountains.

08 April 2009

wedding fever.

Summer has always been the season for weddings. A good bout of Spring Fever is enough to push anyone into tying the knot... Not to mention the beautiful weather. But one in a series of big kid moments this week was the sudden realization that weddings aren't just one of those things mommies and daddies had before we came along. My own best friend will be the blushing bride come July. Scary.

So to take my mind off things, I decided to post some photos from a wedding I shot with the fabulous Jenn Whalen last October. A toast to being one month away from a gossamer summer!