28 July 2009

Dance, Dance

A few weeks ago, my friend Kari Mosel asked me to take some promotional photos for a production she is choreographing. This girl is amazing. Her work is soulful, intense, and utterly beautiful. I stayed after the shoot to watch her and Brian, another dancer in the piece, rehearse together. What I saw gave me goosebumps. Go see the show in September.. I'll keep ya posted.

The promo photos:

Plastic Perfection

I love my Holga. I swear the $30 piece of junk has brought more magic to my life than Twilight. (Yeah, I went there). Below are a few of my adventures over the past who knows how long. Film = not-so-instant gratification. Kinda like waiting 100+ years for your soulmate and realizing you want to eat her. (Yeah, I went there again). Bon appetit.. ?

Daniel and Sarah, on a random night at the Attic.

Sarah again, in her backyard in Andover.

Family ski trip in Big Ski, Montana. (Aren't my parents cute?)

And because I couldn't resist.. London, my home in less than 3 weeks!

Ashley and Lawrence

This summer I've been fortunate to do a lot of wedding/engagemet work with Jenn Whalen. Or to put it in her terms, I'm one of her "bitches" (lovingly so). Ashley's and Lawrence's was the first engagement session Jenn and I shot together, and we had a blast bouncing ideas off one another down by Saint Anthony main and the Stone Arch Bridge. Ashley and Lawrence are such an intimate couple, so Jenn and I had to work really hard to capture the delicate nuances of a couple deeply in love, but subtle in their affections. In other words, we spent half of our time begging for PDA and the other half snapping as many photos as possible in hopes of producing something awesome. I think our efforts paid off.