19 November 2009

It's "subtlemob" to you.

Another review I did for the Londonist:


No photos on this one.. Not allowed (takes away from the subtlety of the mob, you see). Plus it pouring rain, and I was preoccupied with waltzing in the middle of the road with my neighbor. Love you, public art.

09 November 2009


Last week I was asked to cover artist David Ward's new exhibit, "Rink," for the Londonist. What a mind-blowing experience. Inspired by the paths that skaters leave behind, Ward transformed the floor of this huge warehouse in central London into a series of light drawings. My favorite part was playing catch-me-if-you-can with the light arcs (I lost).

If the goal of an artist is to create something nobody has ever seen before, then Ward has a gold medal in my book. You can read the article I wrote about the event here (and by "can," I mean "should"):