10 December 2008

that sweet southern comfort

I spent last weekend split between Dallas and Waco, Texas,
and there’s nothing like a little family time to make you realize that finals aren’t really so bad.

But seriously,
words fail my family and how great they are,
and being back actually made me a little nostalgic for the south (crazy I know).

More than anything, this short southern soiree reminded me of where I've been and how far I've come. And that's what gives me strength to get through what will come.

Day 1:
Flight delayed, so the G-rents and I decided to pass the time with delicious bowls of clam chowder.

Day 2:
The whole family was reunited in the parking lot of some random Waco hotel. Epic.

My sister had her end-of-the-semester choral concert at Baylor that night.

But it looks like the getting ready process may have been more entertaining.

As was the after party.

The feeling in the air on a Texas night is something I will always long for.

'Cause Texas is like no place in the world.
I think this song says it best:


Oh girl, I’ve been told,
When I grow old, I’ll be alone
But I don’t mind if I’m Texas

Oh but it’s been said
When I am dead, I’ll be alone
But I don’t mind if I’m in Texas

- PlayRadioPlay!

05 December 2008

"You are exactly my brand of heroin."

It kills me that I haven't written for almost a month.

So my head as of lately has been as such:

Twilight, Twilight, and more Twilight. Edward Cullen makes the best final paper topic.
Texas. Tuesday my weekend was only for finals. Then Wednesday brought cheap flights and a mother's whim to bring me home for Thanksgiving a week late. Be home Sunday.
Cold. Winter finally arrived in the cities. And the soles on my Rubber Duck boots are starting to come apart. damn.
Africa. The Poisonwood Bible calls to me every second I'm doing anything else except reading Barbara kingsolver's brilliant prose.
The economy. It was so much better when I was blissfully ignorant - and unaffected.
Finals. Will hopefully be done before I shoot myself.
Vanity Fair. I want to contribute to that magazine some day. Can I please be the next Annie Leibovitz or write stunning articles on Robert Pattinson?
Paris. omygosh Paris. If I dwell too much then I can't focus on anything else. I've been trying to master essential phrases. "Je voudre un verre de vin?" Wine please... I'm in need of an adventure ASAP.
Writing. Am I born to do it? These days it's all I want to do in life.
Familia. Seeing them tomorrow. And my puppy too!
Vegetarianism. Not a concept well understood by old people. Yes turkey counts as meat. No picking meat out of something does not make it vegetarian.
Red Bull. What a product.
JOUR 3006: Visual Communication. What a joke.
Australia. Want to see the movie again ASAP.
Winter Break. Rolly and Austin come home!
Airports. Not so bad really. Especially when you chat with a twenty-something man who's not ashamed to love Edward Cullen. There's my Twilight fixation coming out again..
Semi-Charmed Life. Still the best song ever.
U of M's Saint Paul Campus. Fabulous. Except for the d-bags on the bus who get up and move seats when you answer the phone call of your best friend from TX.
People dressed as toy soldiers in the art building. SO Minneapolis. SO epic.
ho-ho mint mochas at Caribou. Again, what a product.
Feed My Starving Children. here's to saving the world.
The Sartorialist Blog. If I weren't excited enough about going to Paris.. the Parisian fashion photos he posts every day make me want to drop out of school and spend my tuition money on an uber-chic wardrobe.
Space heaters. Almost as amazing as cuddling.
Britney. Should probably join the circus herself. I really want to see her when she stops in the cities on tour.
Crossword puzzles. Are the only thing that get me through JOUR 3006. One of my greatest aspirations is to follow my Grandpa's footsteps and complete a NY Times Sunday x-word all by myself.
Scrabble. It's best when you don't follow the rules.. haha.
Rough drafts. I write better if I don't do one.
The O.C. Miss it from my life.
Roomates. Neverending stories.
Writing on my palms. Will always be the absolute best way to remember anything. Until you wash your hands.

And my heart as of lately? Still beating.. No vampire venom for me.